No Excuses!!

Ok, so i've recently become a dad. Little Lexi is in her first few weeks of life and already I have never been happier or prouder. But I am also seeing that my time is even more restricted than it already was, between training clients, training myself, meal prep, keeping my business website/social media up to date, chasing up new potential clients etc... Now I have a beautiful daughter who will deservedly take up a lot of my time so how am I going to keep everything else going???

Easy..... I MAKE TIME!!!!

While my baby girl is now THE most important thing in my life I have not forgotten about my goals. But how do I fit in everything I was doing before and still spend time with my little one? I get up earlier, I plan my work days better, I stick to schedules, I squeeze in my own workouts in between clients, I prep extra meals (take 1 or 2 hours on a Sunday and cook a shit load of chicken, turkey, red meat, brown rice, sweet potato, vegetables and pile them all into tupperware boxes and into the fridge), now I have meals ready to go for the next few days. 

You get the jist!!

We all have a million things going on in life and we all have excuses not to train, or say we can't find the time to eat healthy. But my point is that if you are really honest and dedicated to reaching your goals then you will always find the time. So you have to ask yourself honestly how badly do you want to reach your goal? Or do you just want to appear to be focused and driven??

I know some people will say its impossible between work and family life etc but the truth is that it IS possible! If you cant find time to get to a gym do a workout at home, me or almost any other trainer out there would be happy to provide you with a home workout programme. Just get moving. There are always ways to exercise!!! Some people say they really want to lose a few pounds or accomplish some other gym goal but say they have no time, yet they sit down and spend 2 hours watching tv in the evenings. 

Now I know it can be hard to get motivated sometimes, but just try it. Try something new, an early workout, a late workout, a half hour doing some bodyweight exercises during emmerdale, whatever it is, whatever takes you out of your comfort zone...DO IT! And pretty soon you will start to see changes and realise how possible these goals we set actually are!

And I am always more than happy to help you out even if it's just reaching out to me for some advice.

Happy Hump Day :)