My Post Pregnancy Depression

Hi Everyone :) I'm Ruairi's girlfriend and I've decided to take over his blog for the day because I feel I have to share my experience with all the other New Momma's out there who may be feeling a little bit overwhelmed, irritated, restless and feeling very emotional.

Why me?????? I've never ever been depressed and never thought I'd ever experience it because I think of myself to be a happy person and very happy with life especially now that I've become a Momma to a very special little baby girl . I had an AMAZING birth, no pain relief , no complications what so ever and nothing stressful that might cause "Postnatal Depression".

I could slowly notice myself slipping into depression, I could feel myself become more distanced to Lexi and Ruairi. I was getting irritated very easily, crying, sleepless nights then the horrible thoughts started to slowly creep in. I started to think is this it? Is this all there is in life? I then started to think that maybe Lexi and Ruairi would do fine without me. This is the thought that made me tell Ruairi how I was feeling, I couldn't live without either of them in my life and I knew I needed help instead of bottling up all these feelings which was just making me feel worse. I started to realise talking about it made me feel better.

I made an appointment with my local doctor and we got the ball rolling, I told him how I was feeling and he told me I had a severe case of postnatal depression. He thought it would be best if I start on some medication.

After a few weeks of taking the medication, going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week (me time) I felt like I was on the mend and getting back to little old me again :) ... The gym has been a lifesaver. I've learnt a lot about myself through Postnatal Depression , I've learnt that I'm a very strong person and that I don't give up easily. I still have a bit of a journey to go before I'm better but I'm getting there.

Postnatal depression is quite common, affecting between one and two out of every ten new Mothers. In Ireland around 13% of new Mothers experience Postnatal Depression. Postnatal Depression is caused by a combination of factors. The chemical changes that happen in your brain after giving birth can help bring on PND. 

The point of this blog is to help raise awareness for Postnatal Depression and there is absolutely no shame in feeling this way. Don't ever be afraid to communicate to your loved ones, never ever bottle up how you're feeling. Exercise has helped me so much on my way to recovery.

We need to remove the stigma associated with postnatal depression. You are not alone.


Sapphra Coffey xx