So you want to invest in a personal trainer to help you reach your goals, but at the minute working with a PT is a little out of your price range.

With online coaching we provide you with all the tools you need, as well as teaching you the fundamentals and helping you understand what really matters when it comes to reaching your goals :

  • Personalised workouts (whether you have a gym membership or wish to workout at home. Workouts are specifically designed for you to fit your goals and body type.


  • A no bullshit approach to diet. I personally don't believe in fad diets, fancy weight loss supplements or quick fixes. We will help you take YOUR diet and make the gradual changes needed to improve it with sustainability being one of the main goals.


  • Community - 24/7 Support from me and also through our online private facebook group. We will do weekly live Q&A's to answer any questions you may have or address changes you might need to make.


  • Free download of our training app which will allow us to upload and monitor your workouts, meal plans, progress, measurements, weight, etc.




Enroll now for a special offer of  just €30 per month. .

Fitlife Online Coaching
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